About us

Ucoffee company was founded in 2004. We are engaged in the supply of coffee, the installation of vending machines and coffee makers. We appreciate the quality of the product, so our team controls the process of growing, collecting and transporting coffee at each stage. Coffee roasting and packaging is made by us. In addition, we import tea, chocolate, ingredients.

We treat each client as a partner. We take care of providing your office with a vending machine or coffee machine, its delivery and service, as well as the actual coffee. We try to change the impression of office coffee as a low-quality and tasteless coffee. Our product is primarily what we ourselves use daily.

The idea in which we created this business is simple – “Every morning we awaken people to generate new ideas.” The task of Ucoffee is to make your employee pleasant every day thanks to high-quality coffee. If you care about the quality of the daily coffee of your employees, we will be happy to help you.

Today, our clients are the largest Ukrainian companies in various business areas. These are ‘Noviy Channel’, Lifecell, Epicenter, Avon, STB, ‘Channel 5’ and many others.
However, the size or profit of the company does not matter to us.

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9:00 to 20:00 without holidays
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вулиця Дорогожицька, 3, Київ, Україна, 02000, Unit City, корпус В9, офіс №413