Your perfect coffee
Own studio of freshly roasted coffee. We use qualitative grain that is delivered to us from plantations. We provide offices, restaurants and hotels qualitative coffee with a limited expiration date, up to one month.
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Ucoffee - a family company which began with great inspiration and a small garage. Daily the modern history of coffee begins that is delivered directly from plantations and the best farms directly to us.
Our history
Bring happiness in years
3 000
The kilogram of coffee is fried monthly
5 500
Clients across Ukraine
15 000
Devices is established
Cups of our coffee are drunk
Every second 3 cups of our coffee bring someone joy

Process of production of your ideal coffee

Fresh coffee, Specialty coffee is fried in own studio of roasting Roast Master Family Studio on ancient technology on the modern classical equipment which is released in 2017.
Buy from plantations
The ripened coffee gathers in mountain plantations of Africa where the best conditions for cultivation of grades of Arabica and Robusta of the premium are created.
Deliver to Ukraine
We deliver by sea transport and airplanes in bags of environmentally friendly and breathable material, which preserves the aroma of coffee. We keep the freshness of coffee due to direct supplies from all over the world.
Fry grains
Our coffee is fried by hand, by the classic method of ancient technology under the close attention of a specialist who loves his work and is completely given to it.
Pack up and deliver
We pack in the best ecological packing. We have free deliver across Kiev in day of the order. Or courier services across all Ukraine, at the order from 500 UAH.
Oleksander Kozhukhivskii
Every morning we awake people to generate new ideas.
Oleksander Kozhukhivskii,
Founder and inspirer of the company

What we offer

We have a broad specialization in a coffee. We offer not only freshly roasted coffee, but also repair and sale of coffee makers and vending devices.

Our customers

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